Sunday, April 26, 2015

Interesting Ways To Raise Fund for Your School

Running a school is a challenging task and requires a huge number of skills and a great support team. It is almost certain that you have to face challenges like raising money for newly opened science lab or a special music class. There are many ways you can approach raising money for your project, here are just a few of your options.

 Organize Events

This is an easy way of collecting money. You can invite your local community to participate sporting events. For example, organize a pitch-a-thon to measure how fast people can through a baseball or kick a soccer ball. Charge a few dollars for each attempt and offer a small prize for the winner.

Car Wash

Get a group of students to set up car wash event in the parking lot of your school. Charge a small amount for each wash. Make sure people are careful enough while parking their cars. This is also a great opportunity to connect with your community and talk about health and safety with your students. 

A Rubber Duck Race

This is probably the funniest way of raising money. People will have huge fun with this event. Firstly, rubber ducks are sold to the local community, people who buy a duck have to write their name and phone number on the bottom (make sure you use waterproof ink).  Request the duck owners to their ducks to a nearby pond or large pool and place all the ducks in the pool at the same time. The duck that reaches the finish line first is the winner! 


Organize your own read-a-thon by getting people to sponsor students to read more books. Every student could ask their friends and family to support them by pledging a certain amount of money per book they read. They can choose what they want to read instead of what the school assigns so it gets them reading, and you raise much needed funds for the school!

Talent Show

If you have a bunch of talented kids who can are great performers, this is a wonderful opportunity for fundraising. Choose a theme which is suitable for all age group people and organize the show! Parents love to watch their kid’s performance and will be happy to spend some money to see what you have created. You can also raise money by selling tickets and asking local companies to sponsor the show.

At Business Plaza, we’re constantly researching and looking at new ways of fundraising – not just because we’re helped many organizations to  fundraising programs, but because being in the know and developing fresh ideas helps us to help our clients. If there are other innovative ways you know, feel free to discuss it in the comments sections as it’s likely we’ve missed some. Thanks for reading and good luck with your fundraising mission!

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