Tuesday, June 17, 2014

5 great school fundraising ideas for your community

Many schools find great ways to reach out further into the community to build better relationships with parents, students and local residents. One of the ways to build up funding and reach out to the community is to hold a school fundraising event.

Many schools decide to hold fundraising events to help with the cost of new building works, upgrading existing classrooms, purchasing computers for students, as well as updating the schools’ library or functional resources. So whether you are a teacher, parent, student or charitable member of the community, let us take a look at 5 great fundraising ideas any school can try.

1. Student art and creative pieces

One great way to help raise money for your school is to let the students create their own individual art for the parents to buy. This can be done by creating designs to place on coffee mugs, drawing and paintings with a theme, or decorative items that appeal to all of the community. Sale days can be held to garner your communities attention, and all proceeds can go towards the specific cause in question.

2. A book reading and sales event

Reading and literature is one of the staples of every education system, so holding a book reading event that can involve the students, parents and teachers will go a long way to help raising money. With the help of a local author or two, you may even be able to garner the attention of a children’s’ author to have them read at the event.
Take the event outside and create small reading tents and enclosures to create a positive atmosphere towards all in the community. Whilst you can have book sales going on to raise money for a library fund or similar, the positive influence of the importance of reading is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

3. Cake stalls and snacks

Everyone loves to tuck in to their favorite cakes summer time, so why not hold a cake making contest for your students and parents to get involved in. With hit shows such as the Great Australian Bake Off proving popular, why not allow the opportunity to teach students the importance of good nutrition by creating a tasty cake festival competition. With prizes going to the best cakes of the event, you will be sure to sell an assortment of delicious treats by the bucket load.

4. Seasonal and occasional gift sale

There are many different times of the year to help raise money for your school, community or a local charity. Take advantage of the Christmas period to involve your students in making advent calendars and Christmas decorations. Mothers and Father’s day are a great way to get students to sell gifts such as coffee mugs, floral creations and even pottery.

Why not get the students and teachers involved in creating a Christmas Carol CD for the parents to purchase, and create crafting events around Easter time which can involve the local church or community centre. Community spirit is key when it comes to holding a successful event, and with seasonal events you can reap the rewards all year long.

5. Create an auction event

One great way to ensure your school fundraising event creates a little buzz in the community is to hold a school auction. Why not ask the students to create wonderful pieces of art, inspired by the local community and then auction them off in a professional style auction at the school hall.

You may enlist the services of a local auctioneer who will be willing to help hold the event, and with the help of the parents and teachers to organize the auction, you will be sure to make headway in achieving your fundraising goal. Why not ask the parents to donate items for the auction and see how much money their items can garner.

School fundraising doesn't have to be a headache to plan and create. Most fundraising ideas can come from the students themselves. Try to stay on topic for your fundraising event for instance, if you are trying to raise funds for a new swimming pool, hold an aqua sports day with an Olympic theme. Involve the whole community and let local police, fire and ambulance services get involved with churches and community groups to boost your fundraising goals.